I can’t make it through a single horror movie.

The last time I watched one, I was only a teenager and I spent the next three days (and nights) with all of the lights on in my house. But ironically, I love ghosts.

While all the cool kids were out partying in college, my friends and I would sit down with a bottle of wine and watch “Ghost Adventures.” Something about the absurdity of yelling at every sound in a creaky old house is exciting, and the possibility that they could come across something truly paranormal just one time was intoxicating (or maybe that was just the wine). But nothing they showed on TV ever matched the level of creepy in the following video.

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This ghostly hotel seems normal until all of a sudden, the chairs and tables begin flying at the woman who is looking at her cell phone.

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Now that’s hair-raising. Maybe it’s time to turn on the lights again…

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