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It’s a tale as old as the lottery itself: a down-on-their-luck person wins big and their life improves exponentially…for about a week.

From then on, the people who win the lottery watch in horror as their lives come crashing down in smoldering heaps of gluttony, greed, and betrayal. YouTuber InterestingTop7s compiled a list of some of the unluckiest lottery winners in history. They quickly came to regret what they thought were the luckiest days of their lives.

Why is it that 44 percent of people who score massive sums go broke within five years of winning?

How can someone blow through that much cash?

Fortune Magazine believes that the answer lies in tax issues and irresponsible lending of prize money to family and friends. The article suggests that if you win the jackpot, the first person you should call is a financial advisor.

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