Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a dead car battery?

According to Instructables user ShakeTheFuture, if you drive a manual, all you need to jump-start your car is a rope and a jack. That’s right, no jumper cables, no push, just you, a rope, and your sheer strength.

The first step is to jack up one of your car’s front tires.

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Next, set the parking brake and put the car in third gear.

Although you won’t hear the car running if the battery is dead, the key should be in the ACC or “on” position.

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Last but not least, wrap a rope around one the car’s front tires and start pulling!

If you pull hard enough, the car should start.

To see more, check out the demonstration below.

Who knew it was so easy? I’m definitely throwing some rope in my trunk before my next road trip.

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