When officer Gaetano Acerra responded to a 13-year-old’s urgent 911 call, he knew he had to go above and beyond for the teen.

Upon arriving on scene, Acerra sat down with Cameron Simmons who had called the police after getting into an argument with his mother. The teen was planning on running away from home, but the officer explained to him just how good his life was with a roof over his head. In that moment, Acerra swore that he’d help him out in any way that he could.

Officer Acerra returned with Simmons to his mother’s house and made a shocking discovery after setting foot inside the runaway’s room.

Simmons did not have so much as a real bed to sleep on.

Determined to change the teen’s life for the better, Acerra pulled out all the stops to ensure that his new friend was safe, happy, and comfortable.

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