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In the world of spiders, the tarantula is one of the most feared. Mostly, this terror stems from its giant, hairy appearance, and not on its ability to seriously harm humans. While they might look freaky, tarantulas are pretty much harmless to people. Sure, they can bite, but their venom is weak and has little effect on us.
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Black widows, on the other hand? Those are the spiders you should be watching out for. Their venom can kill a full-grown adult if they don’t seek immediate medical treatment. With that being said, you can imagine that when a black widow meets a tarantula in the wild, things might not go so well for the tarantula…

And you would be right to think that! This is the scene that one Redditor’s friend walked in on last summer. That’s a massive black widow spider that has managed to capture an almost equally large tarantula in its web.

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This looks like it was a pretty one-sided battle to the death.

I really hope he took a flamethrower to this thing after taking these photos. So much nope.

You see, hardly anything can stand up to the onslaught of an angry black widow spider.

(source Reddit)

If it’s any consolation, black widow spiders and wild tarantulas are pretty uncommon. Oddly enough, this scene was captured in Southern California. So it’s safe to say I’ll be steering clear of that entire region.

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