Tattoos are beginning to be recognized more and more for their artistic merits.

There are some seriously artistic tattoo trends out there, resulting in beautiful ink. Because many people decide to get tattoos based on their lives or passions, the possibilities are almost endless.

For the animator of Open the Portal, an animated tattoo seemed like the perfect solution. He approached Sean Arnold, Bob Roberts, and Charlie Roberts, artists at World-Famous Spotlight Tattoo, to put his plan into motion — literally.

The tattoo they created is like a zoetrope, a spinning contraption that brings still images to life when it spins. When this tattoo’s wearer spins, it has the same effect. Check it out!

(via Sploid)

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I love watching this tattoo move! It’s truly one of the most unique pieces of body art I’ve ever seen. Share this animation with the tattoo lovers in your life!

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