We see concrete on sidewalks and in big construction projects every day, but because of this, many people don’t picture it for their own homes…let alone furniture.

But those folks are seriously missing out. Concrete is actually a beautiful material to work with if you know what you’re doing. Just watch as this guy walks us through the simple process of turning concrete into a beautiful countertop!

For starters, you need to make a form that will hold the concrete as it hardens.

You can make your mold however large or small your space requires. Robin Lewis used melamine boards to hold the concrete.

Add silicone caulk to the corners of the mold.

Lewis used a pen to create rounded corners when the form was removed.

After the silicone is dried, rub the entire mold with olive oil. This will help when you separate it from the concrete.

Finally, start mixing your concrete!

Add the first layer to your mold.

Using a rubber mallet, knock the mold to remove excess air bubbles. This is important as concrete shows any and all imperfections.

For such a big piece, you’ll need to add mesh or rebar reinforcement.

Read up on exactly where you need to put it:

Level the piece off…

And cover it to cure for about four days. This will keep the moisture in.

You can remove your mold now!

Flip your counter (friends may need to become involved). Let it sit to dry for a few more days.

Cure it with a water-based sealer. You’ll need a number of layers.

Place it in your desired location and you’ve got yourself a beautiful new countertop!

If you’d like more detailed instructions watch this video:

(source Instructables)

Concrete can be beautiful and practical…and this project is all the proof you need. It’s a pretty easy material to work with, so what are you waiting for?!

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