From the New York Daily News:

Tim Tebow’s love of New York has nothing to do with pastrami and rye, or Times Square, or even Madison Ave.: The real reason Tebow loves New York is because he  feels he can beat out Mark  Sanchez and become the Jets’ starting quarterback.

Timsanity — and  an explosive quarterback controversy — starts now.

From Gothamist:

As the Times points out, there are a lot of people who really think Tebow could be good for the Jets—especially eternal optimist Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel, who writes: “A change-of-pace offensive package, and a 6-4, 240-pound bull to run it, shakes up the Jets offense and makes it easier for Sanchez to operate. It also should help put points on the board.” But it’s the small-but-vocal evangelical community that seems most excited about Tebow’s arrival:  “I think there’s going to be a lot of kids in public school Tebowing, I think Tebow-mania will probably sweep New York City. I think it will make Evangelical Christianity more popular among the young people—unless the guy bombs out,” Brooklyn-based Pastor Joseph Mattera told Buzzfeed.

Other tweets:

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