It’s Opening Day for baseball! Which can mean only one thing: OFA somehow needs to bring America’s focus back to Obama.

Mission accomplished:!/BarackObama/status/450724718195126272

We can’t even.!/JonahNRO/status/450725849135087616

Asked … and answered:!/bccohan/status/450729084952535040

Sad, isn’t it? It seems OFA’s not content with helping President Obama destroy health care. They’ve got to help him ruin baseball, too.!/laurakbarr/status/450731078685192192!/mamaswati/status/450729298094067712

Team Obama really is the worst. Particularly when you consider Obama’s bad luck with baseballs:!/SonnyBunch/status/450726226794409984!/HarrietBaldwin/status/450727302893424640!/anthropocon/status/450729597316136960

Our illustrious president, ladies and gentlemen.

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