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Not everyone is the “museum type,” and that’s okay. There are people in this world who enjoy art galleries and museums… others like outdoor sports and adventure. (It really takes all sorts.) But it is difficult to understand why anyone would like this new museum in Tokyo. It’s called “Toilet!? Human Waste & Earth’s Future” … and it’s about exactly what you think. The exhibit teaches visitors about human waste, toilets and other fun, but crappy, trivia. It’s hard to tell what kind of person you’d have to be to really enjoy this…

Even if you can’t read Japanese, it’s pretty obvious what this exhibit is all about.

There are poop hats and toilet slides…

For both children and overgrown children.

They take this “toilet museum” thing very seriously.

(Okay, it does look like a little bit of fun.)

To a non-native, this museum would be so confusing.

Because, let’s face it, it’s strange enough as it is.

There are all kind of poop exhibits (this one shows you what the waste of animals looks like).

You can make your own little surprises out of clay.

This is supposed to be a learning experience…


It’s just weird. Does there really need to be a mascot?

Or singing toilets?

“Thanks Toilet” is the song that this choir of potties performs at the end of your visit.

What a bizarre way to end a strange and nearly-disgusting day. You have to hand it to whomever is running this exhibit in Tokyo, they were able to keep a museum full of potty humor clean and adorable.

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