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Juggling two jobs can be stressful enough, but there’s added pressure when you’re doing so while pregnant.

I’ve spent most of my adult life working at least two jobs at a time. It can be quite stressful working long hours and still feeling like you’re never able to get ahead financially. And don’t get me started on how working multiple jobs instantly turns you into an insomniac. These stressful effects of working overtime can be enough to dampen anyone’s spirit, but imagine juggling two jobs and having a little one on the way.

Store manager Tami had been working full time at Key West Key Lime Pie Company and trying to pay the bills as a bartender at night. In a matter of months, she’d have another mouth to feed. Aware of the pressures Tami was going through, millionaire entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis wanted to alleviate some of her stress. He decided to give Tami six months of maternity leave with pay while ensuring that when she returned to work, she would remain in charge and bring home $1,000 a week.

In a matter of minutes, this man was able to quell a valuable employee’s fears and give her the compensation every mother deserves.

This is a reminder that in many cases, those with deep pockets also have big hearts. We might not be millionaires, but we can always start off small and change someone’s life for the better.

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