When you think of animal rescue, you typically think of humans rescuing dogs and cats, right?

Well, get ready for a story that will turn every idea you once had about animal rescue on its head. Ed Gernon went to a rescue facility and met a dog that he absolutely had to adopt. After filling out the necessary paperwork, he took the pup home and named him Rex. The adoptee had issues with other dogs and cats, but under Gernon’s guidance, he overcame his social anxiety and aggression.

He’s now so friendly, in fact, that he’s even done a little rescuing of his own. Gernon found Rex protecting an injured hummingbird one day. He assumed that the bird was dead, but Rex wouldn’t leave its side. Watch what happened when Gernon stepped in.

It’s risky for people to rehabilitate little birds like this one, but it definitely worked out for Ed Gernon, Rex, and Hummer! We wish this kind-hearted trio all the best.

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