When you live out in the country, you’re bound to have something weird happen on your property. For one man out in Arizona, that happened in January of this year. According to the YouTubers behind VeniceBeachFreakshow, an unnamed man found what appears to be the body of an alien creature on his property.

He was scared by what he saw and contacted the YouTubers to ask if they could help. The person who runs the channel gave him an email address and asked him to send along some photos. A few weeks later, the creature showed up at their headquarters in Venice Beach, California.

This is a video of the monster being handled by the VeniceBeachFreakshow staff. They still have no idea what it is.

(source: Venice Beach Freakshow)

While I would love to believe that it’s an alien, it’s probably just a mutated animal of some sort. That being said, I still wouldn’t want to find it on my property.

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