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Judging from the news, you would think that most crimes that are worthy of the silver screen tend to stay there. For the most part, that’s true…unless you’re dealing with daring criminals who just so happen to have the right people in their pockets.

When that’s the case, you get shootings like the one that happened in Dublin, Ireland, last Friday.

Over the weekend, the Regency Hotel was the scene of a horrific shooting that could’ve been pulled straight out of a gangster film.

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It all went down in the hotel lobby, which was serving as a weigh-in station for an upcoming boxing match at the time.

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Shortly after the shooting began, witnesses reported that a total of six gunmen walked into the lobby and opened fire. Several of the gunmen were dressed as SWAT officers, and others were disguised as women. Rather than firing wildly into the crowd, however, the men went after a specific target — drug dealer David Byrne.

The gunmen fled after killing Byrne and wounding two of his associates. Later that weekend, police learned that the shooting was the result of a dispute between the dealer and the Continuity Irish Republican Army.

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While police are still looking for suspects, a video that was taken during the shooting recently surfaced. This could shed more light on the situation.

(via The Daily Mail)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Continuity IRA has vowed to hold more attacks for what they see as a series of injustices committed by rival gangs. Needless to say, people in Dublin are terrified.

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