My dog doesn’t really get the concept of fetching something.

She’s great at running after things…sometimes she even picks them up! But ask her to bring said item back to you and you’re bound to be waiting there for a good, long while. Then again, maybe I’ve been going at the whole retrieval process wrong. Perhaps what I’ve been asking her to fetch just isn’t exciting enough. A ball is okay, a Frisbee is better, but a tasty crustacean? Now we’re talking!

Watch how this dog dad gets his adorably smart pooch to dive into the ocean and snatch up a live lobster for the evening’s menu.

“Look what I found, Dad!”

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I have easy access to a dog-friendly pool, I’m teaching my girl to do this. If you want to start, just watch this video of how Alex trained his cutie, Lila, how to catch a lobster.

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