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Tribble the cat has led a tough life. After three years in his first home, his owner passed away. He was returned to the shelter for a few months before being adopted by a family with four small children. They terrorized him. After three years of abuse, he was back at the shelter once more.

When he was seven, he finally found his forever home — a place that appreciates him and his quirks, especially his incredibly unique purr! Just listen for yourself and you’ll instantly understand why his new family couldn’t help but pick him!

According to Tribble’s new owner, “Tribble was their favourite cat in the shelter. He chirps like a cricket and is super friendly. He was also the ‘test cat’ when introducing new dogs into the shelter. If Tribble was cool with them they were then deemed cat-friendly.”

Today, the old boy is almost nine. Thanks to people like his mom and dad, who wanted to make sure to adopt shelter pets, he gets a (third) chance at a great life!

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