You probably know someone who had head lice as a kid, or maybe you had the displeasure of experiencing an infestation yourself.

Having these insects crawling through your hair definitely isn’t any walk in the park, but trust me, it’s much better than what this poor patient went through. Their eyelids must have itched pretty badly, because when this person went to a doctor, a close-up examination of their lashes revealed phthiriasis palpebrarum or pediculosis ciliarum, otherwise known as an infestation of lice in the eyelashes.

Here’s the nasty culprit, found making itself at home in the patient’s eyelashes. While these insects aren’t dangerous, they aren’t exactly pleasant to deal with, either.

For one, they feed off the blood and skin of their victims. They’re also super contagious and can cause extreme itching of the eyelid, small red spots, and debris around eyelashes.

But perhaps the most fun (please note my sarcasm) part of all is that where there’s one, there are plenty of others, including nits and eggs that hatch six to 10 days after they’re laid.

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