Duct tape is magical stuff. This much we know. It repairs old things, and can be used to create new things as well! Real talk? I’ve used it to repair my shoes on maybe more than one occasion. And while silver is a classic look, duct tape’s popularity made many brands start offering a range of colors and patterns, so your stuff can be functional and stylish. We can’t think of anything better, so here’s a list of some of our favorite uses for duct tape, as well as some new ones that blew our minds a little bit. 

Don’t worry, after our minds were blown, we repaired any cranial damage with duct tape. 


This DIY chair is created using two broomsticks and a roll of duct tape. The broomsticks are cut down and reassembled into these triangular structures–an excellent shape for bearing weight–and held together with tape. The sling-style seat is made from more tape. You can choose a color to match your decor.


The duct tape wallet is a classic. I remember several people who sported these back in high school, and they can get pretty intricate, with multiple pockets and compartments. They’re easy to make at home and can be tailored to suit your specific needs as well. Besides function, duct tape can also be used to decorate them, as in the case of these game-related examples.

Horse Booties

This horse needed medication for its feet, and to keep it where it needed to be, owner Mandy wrapped the hooves in diapers, and then secured them with duct tape. Now the horse’s feet can heal, and it’s got a sweet pair of moon boots in the meantime.

Prom Dress

Duck Brand holds an annual prom dress competition. Contestants use duct tape to create prom outfits, the more outlandish the better, and can use any and all of Duck’s colorful line. The winners get $3,000 for college.


If you need more space than a wallet, you can simply expand the size and make a purse. You can use the tape to make any shape you need, and decorate it according to your tastes. Plus it’s a lot cheaper than the average purse. We thought these little fruit-slice ones were cute.

Slip Covers

Er, make that non-slip covers. Instead of having their couch reupholstered, these duct tape enthusiasts just taped it up. Since it was around the 4th of July, they went the patriotic route. Not sure how this will mesh with other holiday decorations, but it’s certainly festive.

Auto Art

Stylish as well as durable, duct tape makes auto art easy. Plus if you get sick of it, you can remove it a little more easily and cheaply than getting your car repainted. We say “a little” because the thought of peeling all that off and dealing with the residue doesn’t sound too great. However, you can get total customization at a fraction of the cost thanks to duct tape. Plus you can also create a matching ensemble, like this lady did.

Desk Organizer

Okay, so when you finally run out of tape, what do you do with the cardboard ring left over? Why, you cover them with more tape and create a stack of little cubbies for your desk items, of course!


Artificial flowers can look tacky (Get it? I slay me.) if they try to hard to look real, so duct tape flowers are a stylish alternative.


WE’RE KIDDING. Don’t really do this, please. Actually, someone did do this at a daycare center in Massachusetts in 2000. Needless to say, they don’t work with kids anymore.

Some of our other favorite applications for duct tape have been as a Band-Aid (with tissue underneath), used to prevent blisters, to remove warts, to give added oomph to cleavage (seriously), used to rip out unwanted eyebrow hair. Ouch! 

Embracing the trend, Duck Brand offers a whole range of duct tape crafts on their site. 

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