The United States is getting hit with another gust of arctic air and families are finding ways to cope with even more winter weather. The snowfall isn’t stopping and temperates are once again below zero. That’s why this awesome family decided to take on a group project, inspired by another family’s creative thinking last year. Bitterly cold weather is so much better when you have something awesome to do in it.

The first step was buying lots and lots of aluminum pans from Restaurant Depot.

Then, making the different colored blocks.

So pretty!

They didn’t have to wait too long for the bricks to freeze in the sub-zero temperatures.

Frozen and ready for building.

Now, onto building the first row.

… and then figuring out how the second row would be added.

Building an igloo is probably harder than most people think.

Making good progress.

Even into the night!

Oooooh. Ahhhhhh.

Fantastic family craftsmanship.

We bet the neighbors were jealous of this swanky ice palace.

From the inside, looking out.

Nearly done…

And tah-dah!

I admire what they did, but you couldn’t pay me to go outside and build a house of ice in -15 degree weather. So kudos to them! To see them in action, watch the video below:

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