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We’ve been writing about the amazing work that Hope For Paws does for years now. But I think they’ve officially outdone themselves.

On a recent trip to Costa Rica to get some much-deserved vacation time, it wasn’t long before they were called about a heartbreaking situation with an abandoned pup. The team quickly switched gears from drinks on the beach to a life-saving mission to rescue helpless dogs.

Their first call was about a poor girl who’d been tied up and abandoned by her family.

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But as they were loading her into the car, they found this puppy. She’d been badly burned, probably by boiling water.

In the middle of the night, this poor boy — they named him Hank — walked into the Costa Rican rescue they were stationed at.

He’d clearly been attacked by another animal.

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With so many new visitors, all the other dogs at the rescue were very curious.

Just driving around, Hope For Paws encountered tons of homeless pets.

These two were very timid.

Even owned pets are neglected — this poor puppy was covered in fleas.

Watch the rest of their rescue mission below.

I’m so glad all these sweet dogs were able to find comfort and care at the Costa Rica Dog Rescue, thanks to Hope For Paws. If you can, please consider donating to these amazing causes.

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