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We’ve all opened up that one birthday or Christmas gift and proceeded to stare at it in bewilderment because we had absolutely no idea what it was. For me, that was the year my mother had gone the unconventional Christmas route and created a miniature gift tree that sat underneath our traditional tree and was adorned with IOUs. At any rate, it’s the thought that counts, and it ended up being the gift that kept on giving.

For this little girl, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened up an old diaper box and found what she thought to be a tiny hamster. Despite her thrills that her mother had brought home a new pet hamster, the little girl’s mood barely changes when Mom informs her that the rodent is, in fact, a canine.

Honestly, she probably would’ve been pumped either way.

We all have bad days. I’m in my 20s and still can’t call sports by their proper names half the time. “You know…the one with the ball!”

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