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Protesters in Kowloon massed outside the gates of a police station are shouting taunts and obscenities at officers through the iron bars.

“Are you afraid?” one of the protesters shouted.

“You brought this upon yourself,” another said.

A window of a car inside the police station has been smashed, after protesters used long poles to reach through the gate and shatter the glass. As the glass broke, protesters cheered.

Earlier, the police had raised a black flag — the warning they may fire tear gas. The flag has since been lowered and the mood has calmed slightly.

But the protests show no sign of dying down — some people are throwing eggs at station signs, others are prying bricks up from the road. In previous protests, they have thrown bricks and other projectiles at the police, who responded with tear gas.

Watch protesters trying to break car windows inside the police station: