Following even more whining about “phony scandals,” President Obama concluded a town hall in Minneapolis Thursday by proclaiming the idea that “cynicism is popular these days, but hope’s better.”

Ace of Spades probably doesn’t even have one of those fading “Hope” posters in his folks’ basement, but he decided to give hope a chance in the real world.!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482306340996800512

One problem in Obama’s case:!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482311219987374081!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482311458232225792!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482311605896896512!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482311903084306433!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482312024740102144

Boss: You're watching for electrical discharges, right?
Me (pilot): Is there no end to your cynicism and doubt?…— Baron_Von_Meow (@AceofSpadesHQ) June 27, 2014


Me: I'm on it, Boss.
Boss: You don't seem to be paying much attention.
Me: Cynicism isn't just a river in Egypt…— Baron_Von_Meow (@AceofSpadesHQ) June 27, 2014


Boss: You lost a huge account to ISIS.
Me: That's a cynical way to put it.
Boss: How should I put it?
Me: If I tell you, how will you learn?— Baron_Von_Meow (@AceofSpadesHQ) June 27, 2014!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/482325011232194560

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