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NASA might be the leading space exploration agency, but they sure seem like they want to stop us (the public) from finding out about alien crafts watching us from orbit. With a disturbing regularity, the cameras on the outside of the International Space Station (ISS), which are always streaming, seem to capture unexplained objects hovering in the distance.

However, without fail, almost as soon as these objects are spotted, NASA cuts the live feed. The latest example of this happened just last week when a horseshoe-shaped UFO was spotted hovering on the horizon near the ISS. UFO enthusiasts who were on the feed at the time spotted the craft and saved the video before the feed was cut.

Here is a frame with the original angle of the feed. See that blueish object on the horizon?

As we zoom in, we can see the object has a bit of a horseshoe shape to it along with a blue tint.

Here’s the actual video of the object from the live feed. What do you think we’re seeing?

(via Mirror)

Well, that’s just strange, but I’m a little hesitant to jump completely on the UFO bandwagon with this one. While it is compelling, there is just as much evidence for the object being a product of lense flare. Though, the feed cutting off at such a crucial moment does make me suspicious…

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