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When Tricia Somers, a single mother of one, found out she had cancer, she wanted to find a way to help her son. Her devastating diagnosis was a rare, terminal form of vascular cancer in her liver. She wouldn’t be around for long, so she asked a huge favor of a nurse she just met.

45-year-old Somers asked her nurse, Tricia Seamen, if she would take care of her 8-year-old boy, Wesley. When the disease took the mother’s life, she wanted Ms. Seamen to adopt her son.

Seaman was already a mother of three teenage girls and a 10-year-old boy. She talked it over with her husband, and as fate would have it, the couple had alread been thinking about adopting a child. They were approved to become foster parents last fall, just as Somers was diagnosed with the cancer.

(Source: ABC News)

There are some awesome people in this world and it will be such a great relief for this woman knowing her son will be welcomed with love into such an incredible family.

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