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Setting up an intricate domino run takes an extremely steady hand and a lot of patience.

And those are things that YouTuber and professional dominoes artist (yes, that’s a thing) Lily Hevesh, also known as Hevesh5, certainly has. She’s known for her extravagant structures and extreme patience, as you’ll see in this video of her building a complex spiral that took a whopping 25 hours to construct. The amazing design contains 15,000 precisely placed dominoes and has multiple segments that collapse in three phases.

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Despite the 25 hours of work and 15,000 individual dominoes involved, the enormous structure only takes two minutes to fall.

It’s oddly satisfying to watch each domino topple into the next.

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After you’ve achieved your moment of zen, watch the dominoes stand themselves back up in this reverse video!

I’m just blown away by the work she put into this impressive triple spiral.

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