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This weekend, many parts of the U.S. were slammed with record low temperatures for this time of year. What followed the cold plunge was the typical moaning and groaning on social media. While I’m not saying people shouldn’t have the right to complain about the weather, what I want to call for is a little perspective.

For example, at least the weather wasn’t an Antarctic “condition one.” A condition one is called when wind speed is over 62 miles per hour, visibility is less than 98 feet, and windchill is below −99 °F. During a condition one, outside travel is not permitted.

Curious about what a condition one looks like? Here you go…

(via WILX)

Just imagine getting caught outside in those conditions. There’s no possible way a human would make it back to safety in one piece. So remember, the next time you’re complaining about the cold, at least it’s not a condition one.

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