When I’m feeling down about the state of the world (which seems to be a lot these days), I look for baby animals to cheer me up.

Puppies and kittens are classics, and there’s no shortage of internet love out there for them. But I’ve found that there are also some pretty adorable babies in the animal kingdom that don’t get recognized nearly as much.

Take the armadillo, for instance. Have you ever seen an armadillo? They’re amazing. They’re like little tanks covered in armor to protect themselves. They scurry around, and most importantly, their babies are too cute. Check out some baby armadillos below to totally brighten up your day.

1. Some species of armadillo can roll up completely into a ball to protect themselves. It’s so amazing!

2. Take a look at Billy the armadillo’s face. How could you not love him?

3. I don’t really think of armadillos as playful, but this little one is here to prove me wrong.

Youtube / Animal Moments

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