Vern Lovic describes himself as a snake enthusiast, but even he started losing enthusiasm when he was asked to remove a single snake from this home, but ended up confronting way more.

Watch as Lovic crashes this slithery party in his friend’s house in Thailand, grabbing 56 monocled cobras with tongs and loading them into a tiny plastic bag. The craziest part is that his buddy didn’t know how many cobras he was dealing with.

Dealing with one snake didn’t seem like a big deal.

But he soon had four in the bag with a few more lying in wait.

By the time he caught almost 10, he hoped that he was done.

But when he went back in the house to be sure, he found one crawling behind the mirror.

And another behind the trash can.

That’s when things got pretty terrible.

There was even a snake in the bed!

He almost wore these boots, by the way.

The snakes just kept coming.

Nothing was sacred.


Don’t. Touch. Anything.

Yeah, this is no longer funny.

You can watch this brave man collect all 56 snakes in the video below.

Monocled cobras are Thailand’s most poisonous snakes. These look pretty young, but Lovic says that even as babies, they can pack a punch. You can check out all of Vern Lovic’s ill-advised interactions with snakes on his YouTube channel and read about more adventures on his website.

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