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Call me picky, but I hate when peanuts have their peels still on. The crackly covering gets stuck in my teeth like popcorn kernel coatings and it’s basically the worst thing ever.

But the man behind Imaginative Guy’s YouTube channel has solved this annoyance for good. Watch the step-by-step guide and never worry about the pesky peels again!

First, put your peanuts in a bag and mix and massage them for a bit.

Then draw this little notch on opposite sides of a water bottle.

Cut both slots out like so:

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Then, cut open the top.

Watch what happens when he puts the peanuts in the bottle and connects a vacuum…SO. Cool!

It seems like magic, but simply because the peanut peels are lighter than the actual nuts, they are swiftly picked up by the vacuum, leaving just the tasty morsels behind.

Vacuum for the win!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/peanut-peel/