This is Himalayan rock salt.

While most people use the beautifully colored salt slabs to cook with, YouTuber, creator, and all-around DIYer Peter Brown wanted to try something a little different.

Even though he was well aware that working with rock salt can corrode and rust power tools, Brown was determined to make a lamp with the stuff. When you see the incredible results, though, you’ll know that the risk is well worth the reward.

First, he cut the huge slab into two four-inch squares using a bandsaw.

This should be done carefully, as the salt cracks easily.

Using a table saw, Brown cut a piece of bloodwood into the same size.

Unlike other redwoods, bloodwood keeps its unique color long after being exposed to UV rays.

Then it was time to make space for the light. Brown employed a huge drill bit and cut into the bloodwood.

He did the same thing to the salt — this gets messy, so you should wear a mask.

The salt also gets very hot, so be careful when handling it!

This is a fun thing that happens when salt heats…unique cracks.

…And this is the decidedly UN-fun thing that happens when you drill into salt — breakage.

Brown used some resin to patch the cracks.

Finally, it was time to assemble everything! He glued the pieces together with epoxy resin.

Then he added some rubber feet and strung a light into the center.

Look at that glow!

If you want to check out the entire DIY, watch the full video tutorial here:

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