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President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is expected to appear before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday in what will be the panel’s first high-profile hearing since former special counsel Robert Mueller testified.

Some context: Lewandowski was heavily referenced in Mueller’s report on obstruction of justice:

  • Mueller wrote that Trump’s former campaign manager was directed by the President to ask then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to limit the Mueller investigation and not to investigate the Trump campaign. Lewandowski tried to set up an in-person meeting with Sessions, but did not do so, according to the special counsel.
  • A month after making the request to Lewandowski about Sessions, the President followed up with Lewandowski and told him that if Sessions did not meet with him, he would be fired. Lewandowski did not deliver the intended message to Sessions. Instead, he asked former White House aide Rick Dearborn to speak to Sessions.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler has said two of the episodes involving Lewandowski meet all the criteria for obstruction of justice for the President — and those are likely where Democrats will press Lewandowski to explain what happened.