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For true love, this stork would do anything.

Every year, a male stork by the name of Klepetan leaves his home and wife to make a long journey to South Africa. Not because he wants to move out or he wants to break up, but because, like other storks, he needs to migrate. Sadly, though, his mate cannot join him. She was injured by hunters 15 years ago and can’t fly.

Instead, she lives in a nest above a red house in Croatia, waiting for her love to travel the 8,000 miles home and return for spring. When March rolls around, it’s time for this Romeo and Juliet to finally reunite.

See their incredible story for yourself, and learn just how proud Croatia is of these two!

When they finally see each other again, they don’t miss a beat.

The two are parents, as well; they have raised over 40 little storks together!

Can’t get enough? Here’s a sweet animated video of your favorite storks!

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