As Twitchy reported last night, the media’s breathless Wawa-gate story was completely invented. MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell had aired a deceptively edited video in order to create the utterly false narrative. SooperMexican, “just a blogger,” caught her in the act.

Andrea Mitchell just did the live commercial for her 1pm show. Didn't look happy. Wonder why? #WAWAgate

— el Sooper (@SooperMexican) June 19, 2012

Ms. Mitchell was shamed into acknowledging it, barely, today. But did she apologize or denounce deceptive editing? Nope. She gave passing reference to it and then aired some footage that was missing from her original deceptive report.

MT @trscoop: NO APOLOGY: MSNBC's Andrea @Mitchellreports refuses to acknowledge lie about Romney's Wawa comments

— Sharon Schwarz (@WooHooYoo) June 19, 2012

And she only did that much because she was caught.

Real journalists?

@DLoesch NAILED By #JustABlogger Andrea Mitchell you should be ashamed of yourself, ashamed. #MESSNBC #LNYHBT

— ScottOnCapeCod™ (@ScottOnCapeCod) June 19, 2012

Ha. Real sycophants and shameless liars is more like it.

Twitchy will monitor the rest of her program and will update accordingly. In the meantime, here is video (courtesy of The Right Scoop) of her non-accountability and continued shameful lies.

Update: “Andrea Mitchell” is trending as Twitter users attempt to teach Ms. Mitchell a little something about integrity and truth.

Andrea mitchell explains the clip … but not really! She said she "didn't have time to play the whole clip" what a crock of $#!+

— Daniel Munn (@Daniel_Munn) June 19, 2012

Andrea Mitchell attempts to correct herself by demonstrating how much she mislead her audience by showing the full clips. The Brightest

— Wittorical (@Wittorical) June 19, 2012

Andrea Mitchell acting just like Eric Holder: denying responsibility and refusing to apologize….

— Christy (@desertgardens) June 19, 2012

.@mitchellreports #COWARD You are nothing but a paid @barackobama hack. What ever happened to REAL reporters?

— Deb Parks (@Deb_Parks) June 19, 2012

Andrea Mitchell is trending for not being a trusted new source @mitchellreports #wawagate a disgrace to real journalists

— ComfyPaws™ (@ComfyPaws) June 19, 2012

Apology or not Andrea Mitchell, Americans are on 2 u, #msnbc, #nbc, #Obama, #democrats @mitchellreports Just saying. #tcot #ocra

— Kimba (@Kimba212Jupiter) June 19, 2012

NBC falsely edited Perry "big black cloud" remark, Zimmerman call, and now this. This is what propaganda looks like. #MSNBC

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) June 19, 2012

Dear MSM those millions of views who've left youvvote. Keep up the #WaWaGate antics and increase Mitt's margin of victory. @mitchellreports

— Howard Roark (@shortwave8669) June 19, 2012

Oh, dear! David Shuster gets a shred of integrity?

Thank you @SooperMexican, solid reporting and much needed across the board.

— David Shuster (@DavidShuster) June 19, 2012

I usually disagree w/ @DLoesch @michellemalkin @brentbozell. But their anger @mitchellreports on this is justified. Andrea, what the hell?

— David Shuster (@DavidShuster) June 19, 2012

Dude, Andrea. When you’ve lost David Shuster …

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