Illinois Dem Dick Durbin joined the filibuster last night and Twitter users say he brought along a binder full of fallacies.

Dick Durbin is using strawman after strawman, dodging the issues. Rand Paul parrying well. #StandWithRand

— Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) March 7, 2013

School is in session, Sen. Durbin.

Keep bringing up terrorist attacks, Durbin. That isn’t the issue. Using drones on Americans on american soil with no imminent threat is.

— Jessica Heddings (@JessicaHeddings) March 7, 2013

Thank you @tedcruz for educating Dick Durbin on difference between imminent v immediate and US citizens vs terrorists. #StandWithRand

— Elena GonzalezCrosby (@elenagcrosby) March 7, 2013

Dick Durbin can’t carry Rand Paul’s jockstrap.

— Killian(@killpundit) March 7, 2013

Durbin jumps in, asks Paul if he would yield for a question on #filibuster. Paul does. 1st D to speak on floor in Hours.

— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) March 7, 2013

Senator Durbin finally asks a real question… Was Bin Laden an imminent threat when taken out? Was he hatching a plot that exact moment?

— Josh Breisblatt (@jbreisblatt) March 7, 2013

Sen Durbin seems to have completely missed the fact that in 9/11, the threat was IMMINENT. Admin refuses to define IMMINENT. #standwithrand

— Thomas Peters (@AmericanPapist) March 7, 2013

More heavy lifting by @sentedcruz as he schools Durbin on imminent danger. In @marcorubio speak: taking it to the mattresses. #standwithrand

— Karen Townsend (@penguinponders) March 7, 2013

Durbin’s question silly.I understand the imminent point, but he was (a) not american (b) a sworn enemy (c) not within US. #StandWithRand

— Frank Domina (@ftdatl) March 7, 2013

Durbin: Was Osama bin Laden an imminent threat when Seals took him out? Rand Paul: Touché

— Debra J. Saunders (@debrajsaunders) March 7, 2013

Let’s not forget Dick Durbin is the guy who equated our soldiers with Nazis & Pol Pot death camps! #TrickyDick

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) March 7, 2013

Dick Durbin going back and forth with Rand Paul was pretty good. I like that the Senate is actually being deliberative…#filibuster

— Kurt Mitman (@SorryToBeKurt) March 7, 2013

Blogger and lawyer Patterico agrees:

The question from Dick “Dick” Durbin actually helped Rand Paul clarify his position in a way that people will understand.

— Patterico (@Patterico) March 7, 2013

@goodreverend The whole premise of Paul’s Q, as I understand it, is that there is no imminent threat. I am glad he keeps making that clear.

— Patterico (@Patterico) March 7, 2013


For those who don’t have time to watch the video, here’s more from Paul’s response to Durbin:

“We all agree that you can repel an imminent attack,” Paul said. “None of us disagree with that.”

— Kyle Raccio (@kyleraccio) March 7, 2013

Paul responds: we all agree on that 9/11-type scenario. Talking instead about targeted drone program

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) March 7, 2013

Paul: “I think that when you’re in a battlefield, you don’t get due process.”

— Edward Champion (@drmabuse) March 7, 2013

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