@michellemalkin ICYMI: #Jeopardyparades leftist agenda once again with “That’s What CHE Said” category. #CheGuevara

— TexasTsunami (@TexasTsunami) May 7, 2013

@jeopardy I love how your categories were “This is huge” followed by “That’s what Che said”.Fantastic work.#stayclassy

— Rob Campbell (@RCampbell01) May 6, 2013

actually whole category about Che #jeopardy

— Liza Bell (@LMelBell) May 6, 2013

Yes, there was actually a whole College Jeopardy! category on commie mass murderer and favorite left-wing bloody rebel Che Guevara. (Big hat tip: @TexasTsunami.) It wasn’t just the bad pun that had viewers irked.

Watching jeopardy. It’s the college week. There’s a category called “That’s What Che said” smfh

— Kurtis (@kurtbradwill) May 7, 2013

College week on #Jeopardy. Category on “Che”.Kids get all questions correct. #revolution

— Mary(@akamom1996) May 6, 2013

#Jeopardy honors a murderous rebel with Che catagory. Che begged and cried before execution as did his dozens of victims.#alextrebek shame

— DNathaniel (@posselj) May 6, 2013

who is the communist at #Jeopardy …every day without fail they have a communist question ..what che say..what hitler said would not happen

— joe lewis (@joelewis28) May 6, 2013

! @jeopardy Do you have qtes from Che’s notebks showing how he disliked blacks & enjoyed executions w/out trial?

— M. Barton (@crookedwren) May 6, 2013

Jeopardy had a whole category dedicated to Che Guevaratonight. Tomorrow look for Stalin followed up by Lenin on Wednesday.

— THEBUS (@SVeeder1) May 6, 2013

How about running this on Jeopardy?

What are they putting in the Jeopardy! water, anyway?


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