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The International Space Station provides a live stream from its orbit at all times, and one keen-eyed observer recently found something that may prove the existence of aliens. It came in the form of a single beam of light.

The weirdness begins with a shot of this spot far in the distance. YouTuber secureteam10 says in his video that this could just be the moon, but he’s not sure.

What’s really freaking people out is this beam of light that appears to be shining from Earth like something out of a Marvel superhero movie.

You have to admit that this is kind of freaky.

Here is the whole clip and some commentary from secureteam10.

Skeptical commenters hypothesize that this beam was merely a reflection of sunlight off the gold foil on the ISS. NASA responded by saying that the light was probably triggered by a lens flare. What do you think happened here?

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