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A man’s lunch in Saint-Jean-de-Védas, France, was rudely interrupted by something horrifying.

He ordered a basket of fried chicken wings from Quick, a local fast food chain, and found something awful hiding inside. Mounir Bessaïh discovered there was a full chicken head in his meal.

This is the opposite of appetizing.

Oh, merde.

The restaurant chain responded with a quick apology on their Facebook page.

“We have launched an investigation as soon as we have been warned, and our service quality is in the process to make all the light on this sad event. We have already identified the batch that came from this room and no other abnormality could not be detected when we examined. So it is good to an isolated phenomenon which has, however, escaped the control teams to the stages of sorting. Unacceptable incident does not present fortunately no risk to health.

Remember…look before you leap. And before you chew.

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