It was clear early on in Carly Fleischmann’s life that she had severe, non-verbal autism. She always struggled to communicate with friends and family, but when she was 11, her therapists discovered that through typing, she could unlock a level of communication of which no one knew she was capable.

Now 21 years old, Carly has written a book about overcoming adversity, and she has even become a talk show host with her YouTube show Speechless with Carly Fleischmann! Watch as she interviews her first high-profile guest, Channing Tatum, who seems just as excited to meet Carly as she is to meet him.

This is Carly’s story. Her family knew that something was wrong by the time she was two years old, but dedicated therapists helped the girl find her voice.

Now, as a confident 21-year-old woman, Carly invited her crush — actor Channing Tatum — over for a chat. Despite conducting this interview being her “greatest fear,” the two really hit it off.

To learn more about Carly’s amazing journey, check out her book, “Carly’s Voice.” You can also keep up with her thoughtful (and often hilarious) posts on Twitter and Facebook!

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