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If you ask me, the summer is meant to be enjoyed at the beach.

I can imagine it right now…waves lapping at the shoreline, children laughing, sand between my toes, a cool drink in my hand.

But then I remember — sand blowing onto my towel, my drink becoming watered down in the sun, my skin getting burnt because my sunblock isn’t staying on…

Sure, there are drawbacks but that’s why these beach life hacks exist. Get ready to seriously up your beach-going game!

1. Keep the sand at the beach by bringing a mesh bag.

Give it a shake before heading home.

2. Similarly, bring a mesh laundry basket to tote around any kids’ toys.

3. Make fun sponge leis. When you’re not in the water, they’ll keep you cool.

4. Consider investing in a tent — it’ll keep the sun off your little ones and offer a cool spot for everyone to relax.

5. Remove stubborn dried-on sand from feet by rubbing them with baby powder.

6. Put a sheet down in the back of your car and place all your beach gear on it.

It will catch any leftover sand and you can shake it out when you’re home.

7. Freeze water bottles and/or water balloons and keep them in your cooler.

Food will be kept cool, your water will be super cold as it thaws, and when the balloons are defrosted, you can have a fun fight.

8. Have everyone apply a layer of sunblock before you leave home.

You’ll have to reapply later, but putting it on in a cool place is always more ideal than rushing when kids are eager to get in the water.

9. Have a built-in reminder of when you need to reapply right on your bottle.

10. But if anyone gets a sunburn, cool and soothe the spot with aloe vera ice cubes.

11. Always bring baby wipes.

You’ll want to clean your hands off after touching all that sunblock and sand if you want to eat something.

12. Speaking of food…fill a muffin tin with all your condiments and cover it with plastic wrap.

This makes for easy, efficient beach noms.

13. Keep sand out everyone’s drinks with simple cupcake liners.

14. Give your kids fun sun tattoos by drawing on them with Elmer’s glue.

15. Keep your towel from flying around by using some of these handy clips.

16. You can also just use a fitted sheet.

Bonus: You’ll keep the sand out, too!

17. Wrap your valuables up in an unused diaper.

Dirty or not, no one will want to steal it.

18. Bring a small inflatable pool along if you want to keep little ones out of the waves.

You can either fill it up with a little water or just put a towel inside to keep sand off them.

19. Have a few balloons on hand for when you need to get water out of your ears.

Jumping around on one foot is a hoot but blowing air into a balloon is far more effective.

My next trip to the beach is seriously looking up.

Do you have any helpful tips? Share them in the comments!

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