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Even before the dawn of social media, parents have always had a propensity for laying the embarrassment on thick.

They love photo albums. They love sharing those photo albums with anyone who will look. They love showing them off before their kids’ first dates and slapping photos on big posters at graduation parties. It’s so annoying that it ultimately just ends up being endearing.

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Harmless as they may be, however, one Australian dad is learning the hard way that oversharing mortifying baby footage online isn’t always a good idea. In fact, his daughter is actually filing a lawsuit against him. While that’s almost laughably uncalled for, here are a few more kids who might lawyer up against Mom and Dad when they’re old enough to feel the heavy, hilarious weight of shame.

1. And the winner for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama goes to….this kid, who will hate his parents the second he’s old enough to make a Facebook account!

2. This kid is showcasing some wicked creativity, but that angry face just screams “I’M CALLING A LAWYER.”

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3. Those are the legs of a kid who is way too old to get stuck in playground equipment and just old enough to take this in front of a judge.

4. Later in life, he’ll learn that you probably shouldn’t carry those around in public like that.

5. “Your Honor, I come before you today with evidence of evil parenting by people who had NO REGARD for this terrible banana placement.”

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6. His parents may not have taken the video, but I’m sure they’ve already shown it to their friends. I smell a sweet, sweet settlement.

7. She just wanted to wear her banana suit. She didn’t ASK to become a Facebook celebrity.

8. I don’t think his mother understands the struggle of having three girlfriends. I’m sure his two girlfriends later in life will be displeased by this video.

9. Nothing to see here people — just a little boy in a monkey suit who’s on his way to file emancipation paperwork.

10. His first date will either be ruined by an awkward kiss or this horrific footage that his mom will absolutely show to the apple of his eye.

11. He can’t be identified by his face, but he’ll still suffer all the humiliation of being associated with this photo.

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12. Mom did this with full intent to share it on YouTube. This will go on the record when he drags her to court.

13. This kid was smart enough to bring protection against the parental paparazzi.

14. Stay happy, little girl. By the time you’re ready for those, you might also want to consult a lawyer.

15. These kids will regret ever learning this dance.

16. “You let me go out looking like that? You’ve been served.”

17. The family that poos together, sues together.

I feel so sorry for all these kids. All I can say is that their parents had better their attorneys…quickly.

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