I’ve been known to bust a move on the dance floor…

And while I’m no master shaker, I do have one or two signature dips and twists.

But if it ever came down to a dance battle between me and any of these adorable kids…I think we all know who’d be the sore loser. It’s not to say that I have two left feet or anything…these kids are just on fire!

1. Work it, work it!

2. It’s all about the arms and elbows.

3. “I slay, I slay.”

4. He saw his opening and took it.

5. Just wait for it…

6. Dancing. Machine.

7. My teenage self that wasn’t cool enough to be a cheerleader is crying.

8. I wish I felt the rhythm like this kid does.

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Posted by 神經病 on Monday, March 21, 2016

9. His hips do not lie.

10. I will never be able to shimmy this well.

11. Their feet really are moving that fast…

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12. Shake, shake, shake…shake your booty!

13. The next modern dancing phenom.

14. Do the Stanky Legg!

15. Confidence is the name of this kid’s game.

16. I can barely do a cartwheel…then there’s this youngster.

Don’t mind me, kids. I’ll just be over here like:

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