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Any parent knows that some days the kids are just too much to handle.

Whether they’re crawling all over while you’re trying to relax or won’t listen when you tell them what to do, children will be, well, children. One thing that might make all the stressed moms and dads out there feel a tiny bit better is that this kind of defiance isn’t just confined to humans. Dog moms also have plenty of frustrating and exhausting experiences with their pups, and they can be totally hilarious. Check out these 11 canine moms just doing their best to get through the day.

1. “I told you, I wasn’t going to answer any more of your 10,000 questions today!”

Youtube / Heritage Goldens

2. Look at this freeloader right here. Always looking for a ride!

“I didn’t sign up for this”


3. I’ve got to say, this ambush is pretty adorable.

Youtube / Savage Gamer123

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Youtube / biscaya08